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Rodent Exclusion Attic Decontamination

* Rodent Proofing 

* Rid of Rodents

* Old & Contaminated Insulation Removal   

* Attic Decontamination 

* Crawl Space Decontamination

* Pigeon Proofing 

* Pigeon Droppings Clean Out 

* Power Washing

Rodent & Pest Proofing

Rodent Proofing Attic

Trained personnel will locate rodent access points and seal them with a variety of professional materials including exclusion brushes for doors, copper mesh, sealants, sheet metal and cement. We perform an on site analysis of all potential rodent/pest access points and than we will supply you with a price to perform the exclusion work. We perform pest exclusion/proofing services for homes,apartments to commercial warehousing facilities and anything in between.

Our Pest Proofing/Exclusion Service Includes:
  • Locating & Identifying Pest Harborage Sites
  • Locating Entry Points
  • Eliminating Entry Points
  • Sealing/Patching/Repairing Entry Points
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pigeon Exclusion and Decontamination

Pigeon Exclusion 

Quality Pro Guard  performs humane and effective pigeon and bird control. Effective bird control needs to be done by experienced professionals with a track record of success. Over the years we've learned what works and what doesn't. View some of our photos of bird and pigeon control in The Bay Area droppings create an unsafe environment for your family,employees and customers. Bird droppings also carry a continued expense of needing to be cleaned. Pigeons on your business can affect your image and for some that is just something you can't afford.

Birds create big problems:
  • Slip & fall hazard from droppings
  • Health and respiratory issues
  • Bird mites & other insects
  • Droppings create a sore sight
Pigeon Related Diseases: Histoplasmosis/Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus, which grows in pigeon droppings.CryptococcosisCryptococcosis is another fungal disease associated with pigeon droppings.PsittacosisPsittacosis is a rare infectious disease. When bird droppings dry and become airborne people may inhale them and get sick. Bird Control Techniques:

To keep birds off your property we use many different tools and methods. Once we perform a free inspection on your property depending on the level of activity we will recommend the best method to keep the pigeons off your property

We Professionally Install These Products & more:

  • Bird Spike Stainless Steel or Unbreakable UV Protected Polycarbonate
  • Jolt/Shock track gives birds a shock to modify their roosting habits
  • Bird Net eliminates birds access to nesting/roosting areas
  • Bird Wire is a low profile solution for bird roosting

  1. An inspector will promptly will go by your property and perform a free inspection/estimate. We will take photos & measurements and provide you with our recommendations for remediation and a price quote.
  2. Upon approval, work will be scheduled and performed.

Attic and Crawl Space Decontamination

* Complete Attic decontamination 

* Removal of Old insulation and disposal 

* Crawl Space decontamination 


Rodent Proof Insulation Removal Crawl Space Clean Out